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What makes the Classic Series "classic"?  It's uncomplicated.  It's clean.  It's just amplification and nothing else; no tremelo, vibrato or gain switching, though we do now have a reverb model.  Like the classic '59 Fender Bassman or Marshall JTM 45 it offers two inputs with options for bright or normal signal and an input level control.  Like the classic '59 Bassman or JTM 45 it provides treble, middle, bass and presence controls for tone shaping.  Unlike the '59 Bassman the output is switchable for 16/8/4 Ohm speaker loads.  Unlike the classic '59 Bassman it has master volume control.

20W Series

The 20W Series uses specially designed power and output transformers for a nominal output power of 20W.  The ultimate power and sonic signature depends on the output transformer, rectifier, output tubes and output tube bias.  With solid state rectification and fixed bias the output power at compression will be about 22W.  With tube rectification the output will be about 17-18W.  With cathode bias the power will be lower, nominally 15-16W with the tube rectifier.  We probably won't be making any more cathode bias as we close things out.

Available as "standard"

  • Head with EL84 tubes, fixed bias, and solid state or tube rectifier.
  • Combo in 1x12 or 1x15 format with electronics as above. One more 2x10 amp may be possible.

30W Series (see standard combo options in 20W section)

The 30W series has many options and possibilities.  With solid state rectification the actual power output is over 35W at compression, but closer to 30W with tube rectification With the 30W series the output tubes can be 4xEL84, 2x6L6/5881 or 2xEL34.  6L6/5881 amps have what I call the Fender "bite" where-as EL34s have the "glassy" yet muscular tone of a Marshall. 

Available as "standard"

  • 30 head or combo with 2 x 5881 output tubes, or 2 x EL34 output tubes ,fixed bias, tube rect.
  • 35W head or combo with 2 x 6L6/5881 or 2 x EL34 output tubes, fixed bias, solid state rect.

50W Series (see standard combo options in 20W section)

Your power will depend on the choice of rectifier; closer to 50W with a tube rectifier and 6L6 output tubes, closer to 60W with solid state rectifier and EL34 output tubes.  The 50W series is only offered standard with fixed bias.