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We are pleased to report that we can accept PayPal for payments!  E-commerce resources aren't up to the challenge of custom amps.  The software for shopping carts is based on "catalog" items.  We customize.  We're working on some ways to enter orders electronically.  Please be patient.  On the flip side, doing business with more interaction means we get to know you better.  If you have a PayPal account then you are probably familiar with how to make a payment.  We can invoice you using Paypal.

In the past we've always worked with our clients face-to-face.  We take a deposit in the amount of half of the product price before we start a build.  We get payment in full before the customer takes possession of the product.  That's still how we will do business (unless you use Paypal). 

We may sell some of our demo or qualification amps on Ebay.  We will list more product for sale on Ebay in the future.  Please check our avail 4 sale page if you want a Club Amp right away.