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Club Amps are usually built-to-order, but there are times when we have demos or prototypes for sale.  This is where you will find them listed.  They will (usually) be in brand new or very good condition, guaranteed for a year.

I have one 1x12 30W combo that just needs final testing to be ready for sale. It's new.

50W-60W uncommitted chassis with "The Standard" output transformer. 

The 50W 1x15 Reverb amp built for Larry Coryell is available for sale.  This amp features 6L6 out tubes, a custom Eminence 15 with a massive AlNiCo motor, and tube driven reverb.  We refer to this as a "whisper-verb" amp.  The reverb is very gentle.  It's not surfer-dude reverb.  You can see the amp on our home page with Larry playing at Kuumbwa Jazz.  It has sentimental value to me, but I will let it go for $2600.00.
I don't have video of Larry playing thru it, but there are three videos on youtube with his son Murali playing on the blues stage at the 2013 San Jose Jazz Summerfest. Search Murali Coryell @ 2013 San Jose Jazz Summerfest, guitar solo, or the same "Please please me" blues stage or the same and "singing the blues"

There are half a dozen each 1x12, 1x15 and head cabs built and waiting for a chassis and speakers.

There are 3-1x15, 1-1x12, 4-2x12 and 2-2x10 extension cabs ready to ship.  Email for speaker options and/or details.