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Club Amplifiers
PO Box 67357
Scotts Valley, CA 95067

Many have asked if they could come visit us.  We discourage that.  It's not that we don't want to see you, but we are physically located in a relatively remote part of the Santa Cruz Mountains, north of Monterey Bay, on a one-lane former logging road.  For many unfamiliar with the protocols of traveling on steep, narrow one-lane roads it's just not safe.   The road association tries to limit traffic to what's really necessary.  We support the road association.  We ask for your cooperation.  Thanks.

Phone-When I talk on the phone we don't build amps.  Sometimes the phone is necessary, but with internet I have a record of what was said.  We've terminated our former land-line phone service.  If you have a business card from one of the amp or guitar shows the listed number is no longer in service.  Please contact us using the internet.  Thanks!