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Premier Guitar Magazine did a Club Amps video at the NY Amp Show.  The video was recorded on a portable machine.  There was extensive background noise from other exhibitors.  As a result, after editing and compressing the audio the quality is poor.  You will be able to confirm that Club Amplifiers really makes guitar amplifiers.  You will not be able to hear any of the subtle detail that each amp brought to the table that day.  We thank Bob Schall for supporting us with his Strat on short notice.  Neither Bob nor I knew what to expect.  It was very ad lib.  It's clear that Bob is playing a Strat in a blues style.  It will not be clear what your Club Amp will sound like.

I highly recommend that you NOT listen to this on a laptop, thought I recognize that will be the only option for many if not most of you.  If you are going to hear anything worth hearing it has to be on a good sound system.  It will still come up short.

If you want to see and hear the video please cut and paste the following URL: